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re: prize winners ken sprague international political cartoon competition 2010‏

Dear Friends

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2010 Ken Sprague International Political Cartoon Competition ‘Money makes the World Go Round’ after the jury decision on 10 May.
The jury found it incredibly difficult to choose winners this year, as the standard was extremely high.

First prize: Farhad Bahrami Reykani (Iran)
Second prize: Mihai Ignat (Romania)
Third prize: awarded jointly to
Ross Thomson (UK) and Robert Gumpertz (USA)

The Appledore Visual Arts Festival Young Cartoonists’ Prize was awarded jointly to:
Hélène Crusson Ripoche and Melle Cecile Quéau (France)

The following runners-up were ‘highly commended’ and will receive a certificate.

Cristina Bernazzani (Italy)
Zakeri Alireza (Iran)
Jitet Koestana (Indonesia)
Murat Gök (Turkey)
Gabriel Ippoliti (Argentina)
Milos Pahic (Croatia)
Darko Drljevic (Mexico)
Lucian Do
Pavel Constantin (Romania)
Osvaldo Diàz Moreira (Cuba)
Benjasit Tumying (Thailand)
Veselin Damyanov-Ves (Bulgaria)
William Rudling (UK)
Thom Dean (Indonesia)
Automiadis Yannis (Greece)
Petar Jankov (Macedonia)
Ares (Cuba)
Bobby Starrett (UK)
Sidnei Marques (Brazil)
Constantin Ciosu (Romania)

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